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Viagra Super Active: A Legit Place to Buy This ED Drug

Erectile dysfunction remains the most common form of sexual disorders in men. Today, medicine is so stepping forward at a rapid pace and this problem can be effectively solved with special preparations. Several years ago, Viagra was very expensive but now every man can afford a cheaper version of this drug – generic Viagra. This medication is completely harmless, while it can help any man to cope with the problems in the sexual sphere. If you are affected by erectile dysfunction or rapid ejaculation, you need to buy this remedy.

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What is Viagra Super Active?

This is an innovative ED drug based on sildenafil that enhances male power (potency) to unprecedented limits, you will feel a surge of hormones and a new level of love. This became real thanks to the use of a perfect new formula when creating a drug. Only natural products are used as amplifiers, so they do not cause side effects on the body. This product has all the quality marks and the drug is approved by the FDA. All your fears about possible sexual dysfunction will disappear, you will regain your male power and enjoy the pleasures again!

viagra super active

Who should buy these capsules?

All men with erectile dysfunction with appreciate this remedy, especially those who:

  • have difficulty swallowing pills;
  • suffer from stomach diseases;
  • appreciate their comfort;
  • like spontaneous romantic dates, when they need to be ready in 15 minutes;
  • are not confident in their sexual abilities.

Drug benefits

Viagra Super Active is the choice of thousands of men all over the glove. This is not surprising since they all have many beneficial characteristics.

  1. The blood flow to the genitals increases significantly;
  2. Sildenafil begins to act immediately after administration;
  3. Man overcomes stress and becomes a real “tiger”;
  4. Only a few restrictions and contraindications;
  5. You can conquer new heights that were previously unavailable to you;
  6. The long duration of one capsule extends the time of pleasure;
  7. Your wife or girlfriend will be completely satisfied;
  8. The effect is observed after the first dose;
  9. No age restrictions (suitable for men aged 18-65 years);
  10. Lower price (2-3 times cheaper than the brand-name medication);
  11. Not addictive;
  12. Positive reviews from regular customers.

How to use the medication?

This drug is available in capsule form. The capsule is swallowed whole and washed down with a small amount of water 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse. The drug is effective within 5 hours, during which you will be an unsurpassed lover. The recommended dose is 100 mg (1 capsule). Sildenafil will provide you with an increased sensitivity of the penis and shorten the recovery period after intercourse to 15-20 minutes.

Warning: Doctors do not recommend using more than one capsule per day due to the long duration of the drug and a fairly strong effect of the drug.

Viagra Super Active vs Viagra

In general, you will not see any differences between this generic and the branded blue pills, the components of both drugs are identical. In particular, they have the same active substance – sildenafil citrate. Contraindications and indications are also the same. Still, there are some differences. Capsules are more quickly absorbed by human blood than regular tablets and the effect comes in a shorter time. Besides, the generic drug costs significantly less than its branded counterpart. Do you want to overpay for beautiful packaging and modern design? After all, the generic is manufactured using all modern standards and regulations, it is completely safe for your health and gives a stunning result that will not leave you indifferent.

Why is it so cheap?

This preparation is generic. Such drugs are actually analogues of the original products. They are based on the same active ingredient, so their effectiveness is high and the side effects are minimized. What is so special about them and why is their price several times lower? The answer is simple: generics are produced according to brand-name-recipes but do not require expensive clinical trials, because they have already been done before. Due to this, pharmacies form a democratic pricing policy. Our prices are really affordable, we offer a system of discounts and also hold promotions. At the same time, we are proud of product quality.

How to take this drug for best results?

  • Take a capsule 30 minutes before sex;
  • Avoid strong alcoholic beverages;
  • Do not eat fatty foods before using the drug since they may delay the onset of its action;
  • To get an erection, you need to be sexually aroused;
  • Never increase the dosage of sildenafil and do not double it. This drug acts quickly and gives the desired result. If you double the dose, it will not affect the sexual function but will cause strong side effects. In cases where you are unhappy with the result, you should consult your doctor.

Where to buy Super Active Viagra?

You can buy drugs for potency in our legit online pharmacy. It will be cheaper than in a regular pharmacy, where it is impossible to do this anonymously. Our company will help you solve sexual problems quickly and in time, we will return the former taste of male life to you! But remember: before using any ED drug, you should consult a doctor who can prescribe the necessary dosage. You need to strictly follow his advice, as self-medication can harm your body. On our website, you can find detailed information about Viagra Super Active, read reviews from real customers and place an order.

Our advantages

  • All sildenafil products sold by our Canadian Pharmacy are manufactured at pharmaceutical plants certified to international GMP standards. We carefully test each incoming batch of drugs so that you have the opportunity to buy only high-quality drugs;
  • We cooperate with doctors and hospitals;
  • Extensive experience in the pharmaceutical market;
  • Attractive prices, discounts and special offers;
  • Professional and caring staff;
  • We have the largest online assortment of ED drugs;
  • All orders are confidential;
  • We ship medications around the world;
  • Convenient payment methods;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Online consultation is available.

How to place an order?

You can select the necessary goods on the site using the search at the top of the site. If you know what product you need, then simply enter its name, brand or active ingredient. After entering a search query, you will see a menu with popular products, you can go to the product card by clicking on the desired product. For your convenience, we have created drug categories. For more information about the preparation, click on its name or image on the search results page or subcategory. On the product page, you will see the detailed instructions for use, including indications, contraindications, methods of use and dosage. Choose the dosage and quantity, add the items to the shopping cart. When you have all the necessary items for the order, click on the “checkout” button and fill in the necessary data on the order. After entering the information about the shipping address, you will see the available delivery and payment methods for your destination. Choose a convenient delivery method and payment. Finally, submit your order by clicking the corresponding button. When we receive your order, you will get an automatic email confirmation. Then you only need to expect your medication to be delivered to your house door! It’s simple!

Fast delivery

Viagra Super Active can be shipped to your address via express delivery (with tracking option available) or standard registered AirMail method. Delivery of the medication is carried out within a minimum period of time. For the convenience of customers, the ordered drugs are wrapped in an opaque package. This will help preserve anonymity, which is very important in some cases. Bear in mind that you can get free shipping if your order amount reaches $200.


Below you can read a few reviews from our customers who have already used these sildenafil capsules:

Jason: “My reaction to generic Viagra SA was fantastic! With these capsules, I can have long sexual intercourse without risk to my own health! I recommend ordering pills on this site, as they deliver all products anonymously.”

Mark: “Previously, I used male stimulants in much lower dosages. Recently, I ordered these tablets (100 mg). This was the best effect that I ever had. My strength and endurance have increased significantly.”

Patrick: “Hello! I received these pills a week ago. Delivery was quick, the product was of high quality. The price is very pleasant. Tablets were not expensive and extremely useful. I can conclude that shopping here is very profitable. I will continue to order new products through this website.”

Bill: “I ordered these pills at the request of my wife. Most often, the duration of sexual intercourse did not please her. I felt the effect 15–20 minutes after taking the first pill. Therefore, even if you think that your erection is okay, I recommend trying these pills to please your woman.”

Alex: “Once you feel the magical effect of this drug, you do not want to part with it. This is a real gift to a man who is having difficulties with maintaining an erection. This is the most advanced generic of Viagra.”

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