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Natural and Home-made Viagra

Natural Viagra is an excellent natural remedy for men. It significantly strengthens potency, increases the penis, improves libido and awakens an invincible desire for intimacy. The natural and perfectly proportioned components of this drug make it much stronger and more effective than classical Viagra. It promotes rapid increase and thickening of the penis, solves the problems of premature ejaculation, has a powerful healing effect on the prostate, accelerates and increases sperm production, causes a persistent and strong erection. It is also prescribed in the case of a weak erection. The drug is persisted in the human body for 180 hours!…

When Was Viagra Invented?

On March 27, 1998, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the anti-impotence drug developed by Pfizer and called Viagra. You will be surprised – initially, sildenafil citrate was intended for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Its positive effect on male potency was discovered by accident.

Female Viagra: Common Facts

Basically, first of all, everyone pays attention to the sexual health of men, thereby forgetting about women, which also have many problems with sexual relations. Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the most popular problems of women. Many people believe that this fact affects only male population. But this is even more important for women because, thanks to the satisfaction in sexual relations, she becomes calm, happy and has a good mood. Pink Female Viagra is designed to make every woman feel satisfied! The first symptoms that show a woman’s problems in sex life are frequent irritation, chronic fatigue and bad…

Indian Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate): Description and Advantages

Viagra is a world-famous drug for men that improves erectile function, stabilizes potency, increases sexual intercourse. The remedy is prescribed to men who have signs of impotence. The price of the original Viagra pills is quite high. Today, there is an analogue of the original – generic Indian Viagra. It has exactly the same properties and is designed according to the production scheme. The pills are easily tolerated and completely safe for the male body. But what are generic drugs and how does generic Viagra differ from its brand-name counterpart?

How Depression Affects Your Libido

Sexual problems and depression are the most common problems in general practice and psychiatry. Studies showed that 20% of women indicate difficulties in achieving sexual arousal and 7% do not experience orgasm. About 7% of men have temporary erectile problems, and 20% report premature ejaculation. Sexual problems are found in 36% of patients with affective disorders. This is hardly surprising since dopamine enhances sexual activity, the central effect of norepinephrine is associated with an increase in arousal, and aperipheral effects negatively affect sex life. Serotonin suppresses sexual function through 5HT2.