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Why Generic Medications are Cheaper?

To answer this question, let’s consider how a new medicine enters the market. It all starts in clinical laboratories, where scientists get a new formula for the drug, which turns out to be more effective than existing analogs. After that, the company-inventor receives a patent for a new drug, conducts laboratory tests, clinical studies, and only after that, it can be admitted to the market. In order for a new medication to reach the markets, it is necessary to meet all the medical standards that are specified as mandatory. Different countries have various standards. In many cases, these differences are…

Rx Discount: How It Works and How to Get It?

Health is expensive, especially if it is weakened. How to avoid huge expenses in the pharmacy and at the same time do not make even more problems for yourself? Read this article! 12 ways to save on your prescriptions 1. Ask the doctor to replace the drug with a cheaper generic Most brand-name drugs are very expensive because pharmaceutical companies spend big money on developing a formula, testing the safety and efficacy of a drug. Then they get a patent and sell the product for 20 years. After 20 years, the patent expires, and other pharmaceutical companies begin to produce…