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About IntelliCell BioSciences, Inc.

IntelliCellâ„¢ is pioneering a new proprietary medical process that results in acquiring Vascular Fraction Cells (VFC). VFC is also known as stromal vascular fraction. VFC cells are known to contain significant numbers of various cell types including adult stem cells, endothelial cells, fibroblast cells, red blood cells, and much more. VFC type cells are in research projects and in clinical trials around the world.

IntelliCell was formed to take a leading role and harmonize the interests of all the stakeholder communities in the rapidly expanding regenerative medicine field. IntelliCell is fully committed to an ethical and supportive role in providing the tools to physicians and patients to fight some of the most serious disease conditions with very high levels of unmet clinical needs.

The VFC cells that are being processed by IntelliCell are known as autologous cells. That is the donor of cells and the recipient of the cells are the same person. IntelliCell is unique as it does not use any chemicals or biological agents such as collagenese in its proprietary and patent pending process. The Company has developed a novel ultrasound process to assist the laboratory in the preparation of the VFC cells. In a process similar to the acquisition of autologous stem cells from bone marrow aspirate, the IntelliCell VFC cells are being given to physicians working in the field of regenerative medicine.