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Rx Discount: How It Works and How to Get It?

Health is expensive, especially if it is weakened. How to avoid huge expenses in the pharmacy and at the same time do not make even more problems for yourself? Read this article!

12 ways to save on your prescriptions

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1. Ask the doctor to replace the drug with a cheaper generic

Most brand-name drugs are very expensive because pharmaceutical companies spend big money on developing a formula, testing the safety and efficacy of a drug. Then they get a patent and sell the product for 20 years. After 20 years, the patent expires, and other pharmaceutical companies begin to produce analogues – generics. They are much cheaper since their development was not expensive. In theory, generics should fully comply with the original drug. They have the same active substance so they work the same say. Ask your doctor to indicate the main active ingredient of the medication. Ask if it is possible to replace it with a cheaper one. If the replacement is possible, you can really save a lot on your meds.

2. Call the pharmacy

When you have a prescription, do not run to the nearest pharmacy. You’d better call several pharmacies and ask how much the drugs cost. Then go shopping. You can save a few bucks this way.

3. Do not buy drugs that do not work

Many drugs and dietary supplements have no evidence of effectiveness, and buying them is just spending money. This is another reason not to run to the pharmacy but to study the issue in more detail. Well-known drugs, such as Umifenovirum or Oscillococcinum are popular because of the disputes around them and not because of the benefits.

4. Do not consult with pharmacists

Often, when we feel sick, we go not to the doctor but immediately to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to sell “something to relieve a headache”. But the seller’s task in a pharmacy is not to cure you but to sell drugs. Pharmacy workers know a lot, but they are not responsible for your health and your treatment. Therefore, if you want to save on your Rx drugs, you only need to buy the medicine prescribed by the doctor.

5. Do not duplicate drugs

Most often, we are treating a cold without consulting a doctor and take soluble powders that relieve all the symptoms at once. They cost a lot. If you look at the composition, it turns out that inside – paracetamol, a vasoconstrictor (instead you can use drops for the nose) and ascorbic acid. Buying these drugs separately is much cheaper than buying them in one package. In general, try not to listen to ads. Expensive drugs are often expensive because too much money was spent on their promotion.

6. Buy drugs in online pharmacies

You can save up to 30% by purchasing medication online. The difference in price is achieved by reducing costs (primarily for the rental of premises). Besides, Internet stores often hold promotions, release coupon codes and special offers.

7. Do not take drugs “just in case”

Advertising says that you need to take antibiotic together with probiotics. First of all, probiotics also have unproven efficacy. Besides, it’s not proven that your digestion deteriorates after taking antibiotics. If you even take probiotics, then you should do it only after a course of antibiotics (otherwise, the antibacterial drug will destroy the useful flora). So first think about whether you need a probiotic at all (or a hepatoprotector) or the case will be solved by proper nutrition.

8. Do not forget about prevention

As you know, the most expensive diseases are those that are neglected. Timely detection of problems will save your wallet. Do you think the tests are expensive too? Basic examinations can be completely free. Clinical examination is a system of measures aimed at preserving the health of the population, preventing diseases, reducing the frequency of exacerbations of chronic diseases, preventing complications, disability, mortality and improving the quality of life.

9. Pay attention to physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a treatment with natural and physical factors. For some reason, this treatment is not paid due attention. But the procedures are inexpensive and at the same time help to prevent exacerbations of chronic diseases. So ask for a physical therapy course so you can reduce or even avoid visits to the pharmacy.

10. Consider the possibility of surgery in another city

Prices for the same service can vary considerably depending on the city and clinic. The difference can even cover the cost of travel and accommodation. The quality does not suffer. For example, many residents of large cities move to the province for treatment. What services require particular attention? Dentistry, cosmetology, laser surgery.

11. Become a regular patient of the clinic

If you visit a paid clinic, go to the same doctor. There is a chance to save on the little things. For example, the doctor will not take money for a second appointment if you just came to report on the successful completion of treatment. Of course, this is not the rule, but it’s possible.

12. Change your lifestyle

The doctor prescribes you drugs and then adds: “Do not eat fry foods, do not eat salty, do not drink alcohol.” But the patient only nods his head and neglects the recommendations of doing physical exercises past. And then he takes that pills that do not help. It may help, but many diseases are highly dependent on lifestyle. These are diseases of the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and heart. Enough wrong dinner can make the treatment ineffective. Diet and regimen are also a method of treatment. And they need to be strictly observed. Otherwise, you risk losing money in a pharmacy and not get any positive effect.